Acquisitions 101 <<Pt.2>>

add-on acquisitions: bolt-on v.s. tuck-in

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We hope you enjoyed last week’s newsletter on the different types of acquisitions that can happen in private equity. In this week’s Weekly Bloom, we wanted to dive a bit deeper into the two forms of add-on acquisitions, Bolt-on v.s. Tuck-in. 

Bolt-on acquisition; What is it?

In a bolt-in acquisition, the acquired company remains intact to some degree. In a lot of cases, the company continues to operate under its own brand (names, identity, etc.) but this factor is deal-specific. 

The platform company will look for bolt-on acquisitions that provide similar services, technology or offer a geographic expansion opportunity for the platform company. Additionally, platform companies will look for bolt-on acquisition targets that can be quickly integrated into the platform company’s “infrastructure”. 

A great example of a bolt-on acquisition is Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012. 

Source: deal room

Tuck-in acquisition; What is it?

Tuck-in acquisitions are largely similar to bolt-ons except for the fact that the smaller company is completely absorbed into the platform company. Tuck-in acquisitions lose their corporate identity and their structure becomes indistinguishable (product, branding, etc) from the platform co.

An example of a tuck-in was Uber’s acquisition of Jump Bikes in 2018

Source: deal room

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