BloomVP :: Year in Review

Recapping this year's wins + what we're looking forward to next year

2020 sign off.

Founders and friends, Thank you.

Thank you for an incredible year helping us build a better world through our vision at Bloom Venture Partners. We’re grateful for the opportunity to continue backing remarkable teams on their quest of changing the way we work, live + create.

When you zoom out, venture capital is much bigger than spreadsheets, (virtual) handshakes, slide decks and monthly emails. We view capital as a vessel of freedom- for creators to continue building and challenging the world around us. A vessel of connection- for founders, investors and customers to join together as thought leaders. And ultimately a vessel of opportunity- for innovation to prosper.

Since launching BloomVP in September, we’ve empowered teams impacting the world through technology across multiple markets- financial, educational, consumer, healthcare and more.

We’re proud to have made investments into 13 startups in 2020. In a year full of uncertainty, we have no doubt these teams will reach success.

Since unveiling the weekly bloom, our little newsletter has been read more than 6,000 times and shared across hundreds of posts. Thank you for trusting us as your source of weekly saas + tech news and updates.

We’ve packed 2020’s final edition of the weekly bloom with enough podcasts and essays to hold you over until the new year 👇

Bloom’s #2020wrapped

Bloom Capital Update

We have welcomed 5 awesome founders to our portfolio! Here’s a sneak peek.

  • Koyfin - The only financial data and analytics platform you need for researching stocks and understanding market trends

  • Time Capsule - A living time capsule of the people and stories that make your world matter.

  • [TBA] - It’s time to put the “person” back in personalized learning

  • [TBA] - Modernizing the medical claim auditing process

  • [TBA] - Make it easy for employers to add emergency savings accounts (ESA) to help build a healthy financial future.

Bloom’s Bookmarks

• Founder Feedback 🗣 What’s the most useful advice you’ve received about startups?

• Predicting the future 🔮 What tiny/nonexistent markets today will be trillion dollar markets in 10-20 years?

70% of Value in Tech is Driven by Network Effects :: NFX

• SaaS x E-commerce? Comprehensive guide to getting started with a micro-saas app on Shopify

Sequencing Business Models: 3 part SaaS marketplace essay series

  • Pt. 1 :: Can That SaaS Business Turn Into a Marketplace?

  • Pt. 2 :: The Types of Marketplaces

  • Pt. 3 :: So You Want To Be A Platform?

Holiday Travel Podcast Playlist 🎧

Traveling home for the holidays? We’ve curated a list of our must-listen podcasts from 2020.

MicroAcquire #07 :: Zero to $1m/ARR with Bart Macdonald (38 min)

• The Growth Hub Podcast :: SaaS marketing is broken: How to get more creative with marketing with Matt Epstein, CMO at Rippling (31 min)

• SaaStr Podcast #406 :: How To Approach Delegation at Scale, How Leaders Can Truly Empower Their Team Members & The Role of Sales in a World of Product-Led Growth with Notion Head of Customer Experience Kate Taylor (29 min)

• Scale or Die #07 :: How to dominate a crowded market with brand, customer obsession, and UX — Sujan Patel, CEO of Mailshake (28 min)

• The Top 1621 :: Brian Scudamore pioneered the industry of professional junk removal with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, turning a chore people avoid into an exceptional customer service experience. Then he scaled that success into three more brands, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine (20 min)

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Job Opportunities

Interested in a new gig, or know someone that is? Reply to this email for an intro + more information.

  • Principal Product Designer :: Zipper (Remote / US West)

  • Backend Engineer, Sales :: LULA (Miami based company)

  • Backend Software Engineer :: POGO

  • Senior Engineer :: Virtually

  • Sales Intern :: Virtually

  • Full-stack Engineer (Founding Team) :: Arctype

SaaS Podcast Coming in 2021 👀

The team is putting the final touches on our SaaS podcast, “The Full Bloom,” featuring the best CEOs, Thinkers, VCs, and PE investors in SaaS.

So far we’ve hosted interviewed with speakers such as Chris Herd (CEO, Firstbase), Andrew Gazdecki (Founder, MicroAcquire), KP (Program Director, OnDeck), Justin Mitchell (CEO, Yac), and a few others who have several lifetimes of knowledge and scar tissue in the space.

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End Note

And just like that, 2020 is a wrap. We’ll see you next year! 🥂

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