Introducing Bloom's latest acquisition...

Happy Friday, founders and friends!

The Bloom team is celebrating this week...Introducing Bloom's latest acquisition…


Viostream is an enterprise-grade cloud video management platform that simplifies the sourcing, management and distribution of video to empower government and enterprise organizations to engage their employees, customers and stakeholders.

Viostream’s success grew in recent years as a trusted platform to host, manage and share videos. Today, Viostream powers the secure distribution of video messages essential for learning & development, stakeholder messaging & employee engagement via a centralized management system.

We’re also proud to share appointment of the new Viostream CEO, Evan Parker.

Thanks to all in the Bloom community who were involved in the acquisition process. This is a major milestone for Bloom Venture Partners.

Keep an eye out for an episode of the full bloom with Bart Macdonald and Jay Vasantharajah sharing the start-to-finish journey of the Viostream deal coming soon.

the full bloom podcast🎙

Fintech pioneer and General Partner of Social Leverage, Howard Lindzon, joined Bart Macdonald on this week’s episode of the full bloom.

Howard has a lot to say about the importance of using leverage- financial and social. Hear why Howard thinks we're entering a new era of social leverage, and explains why "your network is your net worth" is more true than ever before.

Oh, and SPACs- because what’s a podcast in 2021 without talking about SPACs?

Hear what Howard thinks about the future of SPACs and his investment thesis of “drafting” off others.

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Favorites from the Ecosystem

Thanks to the entire Bloom team 👏

Jason breaks down the math. Pretty simple, does your startup match that growth? If not, there’s other funding out there.

SPAC plug from the infamous

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