Jason Calacanis stopped by this week 👀

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Happy Friday, founder and friends.

Jason Calacanis stopped by the full bloom podcast this week to answer your questions and talk the hottest topics in tech 👀

the full bloom 🎙

Episode 1.8 | Jason Calacanis :: thoughts from the world's greatest angel investor

With over 250 total investments in startups and multiple unicorns, Jason Calacanis is recognized as the world’s greatest angel investor. Jason joins Bart for a casual chat to chop it up about the hottest topics in tech.

Hear how Jason became Jason. SPACs, are they here to stay? Thoughts on Robinhood from an investor's perspective. Is San Francisco dead? Jason answers your questions from Twitter. And more!

Jason Calacanis, Founder of LAUNCH :: Twitter + LinkedIn
Bart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners :: Twitter + LinkedIn

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👋 Clubhouse :: The Future of Work (Today, Noon PST)

Last week 200+ founders, operators, investors and entrepreneurs joined us to talk SaaS investing, VC, and PE.

Today (Friday, 2/12 @ Noon PST) Bart Macdonald, Michael Marra, Andrew Gazdecki, Ian Patterson and Kirubha Perumalsamy are hosting another Clubhouse room to talk buying and selling software companies.

These founders and operators are sharing experiences from their combined double-digit exits- founding, exiting, buying and selling SaaS businesses.

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Favorites From the Ecosystem

• Amp It Up! :: Frank Slootman, CEO at Snowflake

Frank Slootman talks boosting team performance by amping up the pace and intensity. This might be the energy you need on a Friday morning 🗣🔊

• Andreessen Horowitz Wins Deal for Creator Economy Startup Stir at $100 Million Valuation

Andreessen is going long on the Creator Economy 👀

• When Entry Multiples Don’t Matter

Using revenue multiples, potential long-term growth rates, margin structure, and exit outcomes to value a startup

• One time, one person. That’s all it takes.

• The rise of gaming revenue, visualized

• Reminder to international founders reading this- Bloom invests globally 🌎

End Note

Thanks for joining us for another edition of the weekly bloom. At Bloom Venture Partners we buy, build + invest in SaaS.

We’re excited to continue backing remarkable teams on their quest of changing the way we work, live + create.

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