Management Teams 101

The science behind hiring the best leaders for your portfolio companies

Happy Friday, founders and friends!

June has arrived and the roaring ’20s are here to stay 🚀.

In this week’s edition of The Weekly Bloom, we’re kicking off with a frequently discussed topic in private equity…..getting talent decisions right.

We all know that a company's management team can make or break a deal. No questions asked. But, hiring the right management team continues to be one of the toughest challenges that firms face during the acquisition process. 

In a recent Bain article A Left-Brained Approach to Portfolio Company Talent Decisions a deep dive is taken into the errors that plague firms when it comes to hiring management teams and the scientific approaches to properly hire the right leaders. 

“A rigorous, analytical approach makes talent decisions easier because it eliminates ambiguity about what’s required to win.”

You’re going to want to pour another cup of coffee for this unique outlook on leadership and hiring when it comes to your portfolio companies.👇👇 (14 min read)

💡 A Left-Brained Approach to Portfolio Company Talent Decisions 💡

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