No April Fool's jokes here

Just your favorite weekly SaaS community update

Happy Friday, founders and friends.

No April Fool’s here, just your weekly SaaS community update.

This week’s Favorites From the Ecosystem section is stacked with value. Plus, a new episode of the full bloom featuring Joe Floyd, General Partner of Emergence Capital, on making high-conviction bets in early stage companies.

Bloom’s Job Board

We recently launched our new job board! Loaded with 30+ open roles at Bloom’s portfolio companies- ranging from engineering, product, marketing.

Are you, or someone in your network, looking for a new role? Check this out, and share with a friend.

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Featured Roles

Arctype :: Senior Software Engineer

Airbo :: Enterprise Sales (+3 others)

Aviron :: Head/Director of Growth

the full bloom🎙

Joe Floyd, General Partner of Emergence Capital, joins Bart Macdonald on this episode of the full bloom. Joe breaks down the fund's strategy on making high-conviction bets in early stage companies- most notably Salesforce, Zoom and Gusto.

Joe opens up the playbook on how the Emergence team works with founders to evolve into venture scale CEOs, detailing the common mistakes founders make, and the 5 super powers of a great early-stage founder.

Hear what Joe thinks about the current state of the early stage markets, and what Emergence is looking for when investing in SaaS products in 2021.

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Favorites from the Ecosystem

The Acquisition Playbook, 10 proven post acquisition strategies to increase revenue 10% or more :: Andrew Gazdecki, MicroAcquire

Product Marketing Campaign Template for SaaS Companies :: Dan Martell

A compact guide to SaaS pricing strategy :: ProfitWell

Failed Acquisition – Lessons Learned from Acquiring the Wrong Business :: Michael Frew

The Next Wave of Industry Cloud is Data :: Joe Floyd

How to Build a Community to Grow Your SaaS Company :: ChartMogul

Thanks for joining us on the full bloom, Joe!

There’s value in the froth

“However, in both the game and real life you don't have infinite time and runway.”

And apparently this wasn’t an April Fools joke..?

End Note

Thanks for joining us for another edition of the weekly bloom. At Bloom Venture Partners we buy, build + invest in SaaS.

We’re excited to continue backing remarkable teams on their quest of changing the way we work, live + create.

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