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Activating and rewarding our awesome community

Happy Friday Founders & Friends!

Since we lifted the covers off of Bloom earlier this year, we have been blown away by the support we have gotten from our friends and advocates in the community. We are incredibly grateful for every single person who has helped spread the word and made awesome introductions. Some have already turned into investments!

The team has spent a ton of time tinkering with a Scout program to help us give back + show our appreciation. We figured we should keep it simple. Help us find great acquisition opportunities for Bloom Equity and we will pay you cold hard cash.

Apply to be a Bloom Equity Scout

Here is what we are looking for:

SaaS Podcast Coming Soon 👀

The team is putting the final touches on our SaaS podcast, “The Full Bloom,” featuring the best CEOs, Thinkers, VCs, and PE investors in SaaS.

So far we’ve hosted interviewed with speakers such as Chris Herd (CEO, Firstbase), Andrew Gazdecki (Founder, MicroAcquire), KP (Program Director, OnDeck), Justin Mitchell (CEO, Yac), and a few others who have several lifetimes of knowledge and scar tissue in the space.

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P.S. Interested in sponsoring the "the full bloom"? Reply to this email and enquire about our launch promo.

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Bloom’s Bookmarks

Why Seller Financing Could Save Your Acquisition From Disaster :: Andrew Gazdecki

How to price your SaaS product :: Patrick Campbell

A Sneak Peek Into How I Approach SaaS Acquisitions :: Jay Vasantharajah

The Hidden Patterns of Startup Failure :: James Currier 

Nick Kokonas - Know What You Are Selling :: Founder’s Field Guide

Job Opportunities

Favorites from the Community

End Note

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