Summer 2021, a hot Bloom summer ☀️

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Happy Friday, founders and friends!

The smell of summer is in the air and the Bloom team is busier than ever!

This past week Bart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners shared his insights on the emergence of private equity-led acquisitions amongst early-stage software businesses.

Enjoy this 60-minute webinar- Presented by Traction Conf.

Favorites from the Ecosystem

📚 The Top 50 Founder-Friendly Private Equity Firms (Note: this was pre-Bloom Era)

📚 So how about these Tiger guys eh - captivating read on Tiger Global

🎧 Berkshire and Bitcoin in the same podcast…. Yes, you heard that correctly!

Founders, listen up!

James, meet your new M….. Jeff Bezos!

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