The Weekly Bloom :: we'll keep this one short...😉

Happy Friday, founders and friends.

Thanks for taking a break from the $GME and $AMC charts. We’ll keep this one short…😬📉

New episode, the full bloom 🎙

Michael Frew joins Bart to talk what they know best- buying and building online businesses. Hear how Michael has evolved his 20+ year career in software and engineering into becoming known as "The Acquisition Entrepreneur".

Michael has spent the past 5 years buying and building online businesses across the globe and sharing his learnings at The Best Damn Newsletter for Buying Online Businesses. Bart and Michael host a lecture on deal sourcing, valuations, acquiring and operating SaaS businesses.

Hear an expert-level action plan on how to buy your first online business, and operating a portfolio of high-value SaaS products.

Portfolio Spotlight 📈

Seems like a fitting time to spotlight Bloom’s portfolio company, Koyfin.

Created by former Wall St. analysts, Koyfin is a financial data and analytics platform for researching stocks and understanding market trends. Rob Koyfman and Rich Meatto built Koyfin as an affordable alternative to traditional tickers and charting platforms.

Koyfin’s data covers stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, FX, bonds, economics, news, and Twitter. Giving a god-like view of the markets- yes, even retail favorites $GME and $AMC.

As the fundamentals of the public market are being completely re-imagined, we’re excited to back Koyfin as they challenge the norm- creating the best investment analytics platform in the market.

Get started for free here.

Favorites From the Ecosystem

• Michael Frew :: What Makes a Small Software Project Sellable ( + more on buying and selling online businesses)

• Howard Marks :: Something of Value

• Emerging Managers: Navigating Different Fund Structures

Want to understand how funds are created and structured? Check out this session with…

  • Ashley Flucas Founder & Angel Investor at Flucas Ventures

  • Bo Ren Head of Ecosystem at Samsung NEXT & Venture Partner at Republic

  • Brianne Kimmel Founder & Managing Partner at Worklife Ventures

If you missed Bart Macdonald’s AMA on Twitter last week…check out this re-cap on all things SaaS, venture capital private equity and startups.

👏👏👏 we hope @VCbrags doesn’t see this…

but seriously, congrats to the BloomVP team and new commitments on this raise.

Open Roles 🛠🚀

Reply to this email if you are interested in getting connected!

Pogo :: Software Engineer (backend or full stack)

Pogo is building the world's most powerful platform to understand real-time consumer behavior.

Pogo is on the hunt for the next greatest Software Engineer (backend or full stack) to join their mission. Learn More Here

Alaffia :: Machine Learning Engineer

Alaffia is ameliorating the accuracy of healthcare payments by automating health insurance claim audits to determine the true underlying value of healthcare claims.

If you want to make a major impact at the core of U.S. healthcare by implementing the latest in cutting-edge technologies, the Alaffia team like to meet you.

End Note

Thanks for joining us for another edition of the weekly bloom. At Bloom Venture Partners we buy, build + invest in SaaS.

We’re excited to continue backing remarkable teams on their quest of changing the way we work, live + create.

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