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For the last several quarters, we've been assembling the building blocks on an audacious vision — a radically new kind of investment firm providing SaaS founders with the services, network, and capital products to fundamentally rethink venture building and M&A opportunities for early-stage software companies.

We have officially unveiled this vision at Bloom Venture Partners → bloomvp.com

Think of Bloom as a new kind of SaaS investment firm meets startup studio, with 3 pillars:

  • bloom.studio :: a full-stack product + marketing agency enabling saas teams to scale faster with less burn

  • bloom.equity :: a buyout fund focused on acquiring + operating beautiful saas businesses w $250k - $2.5m ARR. Know any founders looking for the liquidity to hop to their next great idea? We would love to chat about our scout program (reply if you think you would be a great fit!)

  • bloom.capital :: what you knew Work.fund as historically; our early-stage investment fund providing $25-$250k checks into remarkable teams building software that improves how we work, live + play.

As a team of serial founders & operators turned investors, we're building the platform we wished existed on our own journeys as entrepreneurs — a platform of highly experienced and empathetic operators our founders can turn to. Offering value-add early-stage capital, talent, and resources to help companies scale, Bloom is the source for lightning-fast, fair, and life-changing liquidity enabling founders to move on to their next adventure.

We call this the future of venture building & micro private equity.
We call this Bloom Venture Partners.

Welcome, and let's jump into the first edition of The Weekly Bloom — your go-to medley for the latest resources, research, and industry updates on SaaS company building, VC, and M&A.

Meet the team

Bloom Capital’s First Founders

  • Command Dot - Bring your schedule into your inbox so you never leave to plan meetings again

  • Cuckoo - We’re making broadband simple, for good 👋

  • LULA - Add full insurance coverage to your auto/mobility platform in minutes

  • Zipper - A collaboration platform that keeps product and GTM teams in sync

  • Virtually - Build & Scale Your Online School

  • Pogo - Receipt-free rewards on every purchase

Portfolio Spotlight

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