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Happy Friday, founders and friends.

Thanks for joining us for another edition of the weekly bloom. We’ve got a weekend’s worth of content for you - including a podcast with the Co-founder of Thrasio

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the full bloom🎙

Carlos Cashman, Co-founder of Thrasio, joins Bart Macdonald on this episode of the full bloom to unravel his story that's lead to building this iconic unicorn.

Thrasio is one of the fastest-growing acquirers of Amazon third-party FBA brands. Thrasio is quickly becoming one of the largest, and most profitable, consumer product companies in the Amazon ecosystem. With over 100 successful acquisitions of Amazon and e-commerce businesses, Thrasio has held seven fundraises in a little over one year and has raised a total of $1.75 billion since 2018.

Carlos shares his story and experiences as a multi-exit founder, agency owner, and seasoned leader in the startup space that lead to the creation of Thrasio. Hear Carlos' insights on Thrasio's playbook as the company scales to reach an aggressive goal- acquiring one e-commerce business per day. 

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Wrapping up with some Friday humor

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